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Soft Nerve is a Data Analytics Product Startup, with deep expertise in solving use cases for Smart Transport, Smart City, and Object Tracking using Cloud-Based Deep Learning IoT Modules. As a key Technological Partner and with expertise in Data Analytics platforms Development, We help our partners to scale their products and deliver innovative product services using a highly scalable plug-play Framework. Few of our solutions have been deployed in the fields of Smart transport, IIOT, Smart Energy, etc.

Data Driven Ideas

Domain Areas

Remote AI and IOT SDK Platforms

IP Base Plugin - Play Modules

Data-driven, affordable Healthcare Service to all.


Delivering smarter urban services applying Deep learning AI Platform.


Enhance manufacturing through data from smart sensors and actuators.


A Rewarding customer shopping experience with Integrated nodes and AI Modules.

Mobility &

If the path is beautiful, let us help you get a beautiful destination. Stay up, Stay running

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"Our Partners and Customers"

To Deliver Data-Driven Product and Services for engaging customer experience.

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Plug-in Play AI SDK to validate and deploy your Analytics use cases.

Head start to your use cases with Softnerve AI Platform.

Our Expertises
  • Delivering the Data-driven Product and Services
  • Enabling deep insights into your product usage and customer behavior.
  • Cloud and Edge Based IoT Module for interesting use cases